Resources For Moms

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It was not long ago when I was just scraping by financially as a single mom.

That’s why I love my job as a family advocate. I get to guide families to the help they’re entitled to.

Just skim through this list below.

Remember, these are not handouts but instead earned through the taxes you pay.

Where Do I Start?

It can quickly become overwhelming to try and find what benefits you qualify for, even for someone whose been doing this for 12 years.

That is why I give the same recommendation to everyone.

Daily Benefits

Whether you seriously need help or just curious what you do qualify for, Daily Benefits is the place to start.

Simply enter a few pieces of information and they will list out the benefits, grants, tax relief, housing assistance and all the rest you are eligible for.

I suggest you give them a try and see what benefits you deserve. Good luck ladies!


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  1. I’m in a relationship now, but trying to get out of it.I have two beautiful children,I’ve been a stay home mom for 10 years,I have no money, no job to support them. I’ve tried applying for section 8 but the list is endless. I need help finding a program that can help me get on my feet and make sure my children are safe and happy.

  2. Can some one help i am currently in a bad situation and need a way of getting some money or some kind of loan i am living in a hotel and only have until sunday and have no money i am with my 2 year old

  3. I’ve been in the same situation ironically due to the income limits of having just one child as a single parent it can be more difficult then having 2 or 3 children but a lot of govt applications allow for certain deductions from your income, this could be your rent, your utility bills, your phone bill, day care costs, etc. Unfortunately school loans aren’t on that list they should be IMO. It’s funny how these things work most of them you need a job to be able to get them but in order to hold a job you need to have them but if that job pays you enough to barely get by you can’t have them it’s a pretty screwed up mess, I wish you the best of luck aside from all that I’m a single father with sole custody of my 3 under 4 and no child support from their mother I wonder if any of these single mother resources work for single father’s though we are few and far between we seem to get left in the dust on a lot of these assistance programs.

  4. Help! I’m single mom, my son is 3. He was a 3 month premi that was supposed to be dead the Devon day he was born, we spent 3 months in the nicu. He came home on oxygen and since than has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy so I can’t work outside the home. I do internet sales and local sales and can’t verify my income. Also I had a grand mal seizure a while a that left me $150,000 in debt I spent the last year cleaning all that up so now my debt is $600. I never got a credit card or anything so I have no credit history and my score is now in the high 500s and because of lack of credit history I can’t get a loan company to give me the t time of day. Neither he or I have had a BREAK in three years from doctors visits, to therapy, to the long day to day struggles and triumphs. He is such s a special kid and ask I want is to be able to take this amazing boy and i on trip to celebrate his victory. He has defied all the odds through determination and a ridiculous drive he has that doesn’t let him give up or settle with meritocracy. I am so proud of him. Are there any companies that will work someone with no/bad credit and do low monthly payments?

  5. My daughter’s car needs some work to be Safe & not break down. Her husband abandoned her w her baby. Isn’t there any help w simple mechanics of a vehicle for her?

  6. I am in same boat. I was basically kicked out of our apartment because my husband wasn’t paying rent because day he left me, he moved in with his new woman that he been cheating on me with. I moved back to my hometown which is an hour away. I was a single mom for a year. We have 1 kid together. I have no job, no income. And I don’t like living with my parents. It won’t make me look good in court that I am living with my parents and I have no money even tho I am looking for a job. I need a place of my own, but I have no money.

  7. Eleven years ago, I was a stay at home mom living in the suburbs with my four kids. When my husband starting openly living as if he were not married or a father, I stayed “for the kids” for a couple of years. When it became obvious that this was causing more harm than good for my kids, then we separated hoping that it would lead to a change. Within six months he installed a girlfriend in the home. We did that for a couple of years, the combination of my hourly job, spousal support and child support took care of our needs for the most part. We had a supportive community for the other times. When I really realized that the clock was ticking to become financially independent, I moved my family to another city to attend college. Although the decision seemed carefully planned, the combination of loss of income, loss of a portion of the child support, increased living expenses and loss of community support was more than I bargained for. My kids loved their new school district and I was able to complete my degree successfully. It was not as easy to find a job as I thought and I am back in the same sort of work that I had before my degree that by definition starts and stops at various times of the year with no pay. There have been times in the last year that I have had no earned income. When I approached all these sources of help listed above, dutifully bringing all the documentation to show my expenses and lack of income, I have been almost always turned away and I have not been able to figure out why. Now I have my student loans due on top of my previous expenses and lost child support for two children since they turned 18. Children do not become magically self-supporting when they turn 18 and education goes from free to very costly to get any valuable skills for a job.

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